Eussen Pty Ltd

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eussen is the brainchild of management and promotions expert John Eussen, providing a range of high-profile business and networking services for residential and commercial interior, health and lifestyle industries.

tailored packages delivered by eussen

tailored packages delivered by eussen

John Eussen is a long-standing and highly respected figurehead on the Australian speaker circuit, with extensive experience in emceeing large events, hosting trade shows and keynote speaking as both a panelist and guest presenter.

After a number of years in high-profile senior management roles within the home and lifestyle industries, John established his own consultancy aimed at delivering inspired events and targeted results for like-minded organisations.    

Carving out his own path has serendipitously led John into several inspired roles, such as global environmental work, consultancy for various sustainable living and modern lifestyle conferences, and contributions to media outlets including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and Sky News Australia.

He is also a regular columnist for several industry trade magazines and collaborates with various trade show and exhibition organisers to capitalise on industry networking opportunities and form mutually beneficial relationships between companies.

With personal experience and first-hand expertise in design, health and fitness, sustainability, lifestyle and corporate management, John is very confident in all speaking and hosting situations.

He regularly provides keynote speaking addresses on various areas of expertise, from motivational topics like maintaining work-life balance and achieving career autonomy, to expert opinion on emerging lifestyle trends, design principles, sustainable living, and health and wellness.